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Talking about the eight characteristics of automatic binding machine

The automatic binding machine is developed on the basis of the automatic binding machine. After years of technical upgrades and structural optimization, the series of binding equipments make the binding operation fully automated, easy to operate, safe, reliable, and economical. It is widely used in the accounting books, documents and materials of banking, industrial and commercial, taxation and other industrial and mining enterprises and institutions. It has been well-formed and has been fully recognized by the market. And the automatic binding machine also has eight excellent features, which are as follows:
1. The automatic binding machine presses the “start button”, and the drilling and binding will be completed at one time.
2. The maximum thickness of the bound paper product does not exceed 70mm, no adjustment is required.
3. The height of the drilling head can be controlled by the “up” and “down” keys of the hole position, which is convenient for finding the binding position.
4. The binding contains the automatic control function. When the fault occurs, the voice prompt fault and solution can be made in time and the prompt light flashes.
5. The binding tube is made of imported super-strong polymer material, with strong resistance, no aging, no pollution, and it is a green environmental protection product, which guarantees permanent preservation.
6, a machine for dual use, without the need for a binding machine, can also be used for drilling.
7, the rubber pad can automatically rotate the angle, easy for the user to operate.
8. Intelligent automatic binding machine with automatic discharge of residual material tube.
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