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Two binding types for the binding machine

The binding machine is a machine that fixes paper, plastic, leather, etc. with staples or hot melt adhesives. The product type of the binding machine is generally based on the binding method used. There are generally hot melt binding machines, voucher binding machines, financial binding machines, punch binding machines, accounting voucher binding machines, comb apron binding machines, and iron ring binding. Machine, binding machine, etc.
Hot melt adhesive binding type
The hot melt binding machine has the advantages of simple operation, high speed, low cost of consumables, and exquisite style. It is non-removable and suitable for small and medium-sized printing centers, small and medium-sized office documents, and accounting firms, auditing firms, etc. When using the hot melt binding machine to bind, be sure to organize the documents in order to be placed in the envelope, otherwise the bound documents will be uneven; after the envelope is heated, you need to manually fix the hot glue, so that the bound text is neat. Tangible; just after heating, avoid flipping the text immediately, which is easy to cause loose leaf. After the rubber strip cools and solidifies, it can be flipped.
Comb-type apron binding type
Comb-type apron binding machine Comb-binding machine is the lowest cost of all binding machines. It is simple, easy to disassemble and can be used for multiple times. It is suitable for binding small office or general meeting documents, and small size. Wenyin Society.
A binding machine has two binding methods, which is also a major feature. The comb-type binding is a loose-leaf type, which is convenient to add or delete pages. The text can be flipped 360 degrees, and the diameter of the apron determines the thickness of the text binding. This binding method has a large choice due to the size, color and color of the cover. Therefore, the effects of matching are also very different, and the products that are bound are beautiful and unique.
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