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Details to use when using the binding machine

The binding machine is a binding device that fixes paper, plastic, leather, etc. by means of mechanical means (manual or automatic, fully automatic) with staples or hot melt adhesives, nylon tubes and the like. According to different purposes, it can be divided into industrial binding machines and civil binding machines, which are often used in printing factories, financial offices of enterprises and institutions, file management, etc.
1. The model that needs the power supply should be connected to the power supply correctly and safely. Unplug the power plug immediately after use. Try not to use it in special circumstances such as lightning. Note that the stapler is damaged due to the power supply and the warranty is not guaranteed.
2, the binding machine should be used in a normal office environment, placed on a flat, sturdy desktop, usually kept clean and tidy, to avoid exposure to humidity, sun and so on.
3. For the binding machine with adjustable punching edge position, it should be noted that the edge distance is matched with the diameter of the rubber ring. Otherwise, the following effects will affect the binding effect. Please know how to select the rubber ring size according to the number of binding pages.
4. The comb-type binding machine should not exceed the maximum number of perforated pages allowed by the model each time it is punched. Pay special attention to the fact that the film does not exceed 2 sheets at a time and the cover paper does not exceed 4 sheets at a time.
5, when using the hot-melt binding machine fashion order, you must put the documents in order to be placed in the envelope, otherwise the bound documents will be uneven; after the envelope is heated, you need to manually fix the hot glue, so binding The text is neat and tangible; just after the heating is completed, it is forbidden to flip the text immediately, which is easy to cause the loose leaf. After the rubber strip cools and solidifies, it can be flipped.
6, when using the hot melt binding machine, pay attention to the high temperature inside the machine, beware of burns. Pay special attention to children.
7. Please use genuine binding materials (aprons, hot-melt envelopes, etc.) for each binding machine to ensure the quality of the binding, so as not to damage the machine.
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