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Hengbo depth analysis of the parameters of the binding machine

The parameter specifications of the binding machine are roughly two types of binding thickness and binding specifications.
[Binding Thickness]:
The binding thickness is the thickness of the document that can be bound by the binding machine, usually in millimeters (mm), but some products are measured by the number of sheets (number of sheets). The general binding machine can be bound to a thickness of between 20mm and 50mm, or about 400 pages. Ordinary applications can choose 20mm products. Optional binding thicker products with special needs.
[Binding specifications]:
The binding specification refers to the maximum punching width and the punching area, that is, the maximum width between the binding pin holes used in the binding process and the area of one pinhole. To measure this indicator, use mm, and the perforation area is expressed as 3mm*8mm.
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