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Automatic binding machine control panel indicator flashing processing method

1. The binding tube indicator flashes
Cause: The staple tube has been used up or the remaining tube is not stapled.
Operation: Insert the pipe cutter into the binding tube insertion port, insert it into the remaining tube, take out the remaining tube, and insert the new tube.
Note: When inserting the binding tube, be sure to insert the tube to the bottom!
2. The indicator light of the protective cover flashes. The protective cover is not completely lowered (for safety reasons, the machine does not move when the protective cover is opened).
Operation: Lower the protective cover and operate the machine after the protective cover light is extinguished.
3. Protection indicator flashes This light flashes when the drill is overloaded during drilling.
Reason: It may be that the metal is mixed in the binding, the abnormal operation causes the chipping, and the edge of the drill is blunt.
Operation: Open the protective cover, remove the drill, use the cutter to remove the paper dust from the drill, check the paper for any foreign metal objects and remove it, grind the drill or replace the drill.
In the following cases, please replace the new drill: 1. The drill is damaged; 2. The total length of the drill after wear is less than 83.5 mm.
4. The reason for the flashing of the riveting indicator light may be: 1. The paper dust in the chip box at the bottom of the machine is too full; 2. The paper dust blocks the drilled hole, so that the riveting needle cannot rise to the working position, and the riveting cannot be completed. 3; The drill is not fully inserted into the bottom of the drill bushing, causing the drill to be too long; 4. After the drilling, the paper is displaced before the riveting (hole movement); 5. Other conditions
a. There is a tube on one side of the binding. The remaining tube length is insufficient for binding. It should be removed to check if the binding tube remains in the paper and operate again.
b. There is a tube on each side of the binding. The remaining tubes were not removed before the new tube was inserted. Remove it and check if the binding tube remains in the paper and operate again.
c. The binding tube is retained on the rivet pin. After drilling and cutting the pipe, the pressing and riveting operation is not completed, and the binding tube is retained on the rivet pin.
d. If paper scraps are attached to the upper rivet on the underside of the platen arm, remove it with tweezers.
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