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The economic significance of the maintenance management of binding equipment

Although the maintenance and repair of the equipment does not produce direct economic benefits, it has a significant role in extending the service life of the equipment and giving full play to the potential of the equipment. For example, the ZYH670A folding machine of our factory has already reached the end of its retirement, but it can still be used normally through maintenance and repair. The treatment measures are as follows:
(1) Disassemble all the folding rollers to make the rounding, which meets the requirements when adjusting the gap.
(2) Check and adjust the gap of the folding roller to check the bearing for damage.
(3) Check the keys and pins of each connecting part for looseness and damage, and replace the damaged parts.
(4) After the maintenance of the whole system, clean the oil circuit, gas path, and replace the lubricating oil.
After repair, the life of the equipment can be extended by 3 to 5 years. At that time, if the equipment was replaced with old ones, it would cost about RMB 15,000, and the factory only spent more than 2,000 yuan to restore the accuracy and functions of the machine.
Another example is the BBY40/5 type disc package machine purchased by our factory in 1998. When used in 2002, the wear of various components is serious, and the package does not meet the quality requirements. Then all the loose keys and pins are reworked, the worn copper sleeve is replaced, and the loose gears are re-adjusted. From dismantling and processing parts to re-installation, it cost less than 2,000 yuan, saving a lot of money.
Do a good job in training technical personnel
In recent years, the binding process has gradually become mechanized and automated. According to the author's understanding, the major colleges and universities across the country have not set up special binding machinery, and employees are learning and accumulating experience while working. Therefore, in the introduction of binding equipment, we must pay attention to the cultivation of technical talents and strengthen the technical training of on-the-job personnel. The training content can be divided into two aspects: on the one hand, the relevant technical theory required by technical maintenance; on the other hand, on the principle analysis of the equipment control system, the specific device function and the technical training of inspection and maintenance. In addition, special attention should be paid to the on-site training of technicians in the actual installation and operation of the machine. It is best to require the equipment supplier to perform two on-site trainings on the technical and maintenance personnel of the factory, and how to maintain and easily develop the equipment. Detailed explanation.
Emphasis on experience accumulation and mutual exchange
When the machine fails and stops, the maintenance personnel must judge the location and type of the fault (electrical fault or mechanical fault) in the shortest possible time, find out the cause of the fault and the source of the fault, and then replace the corresponding faulty component to eliminate malfunction. Therefore, the maintenance personnel must understand the mechanical structure of each part of the equipment, the electrical control principle, the structure and working principle of the control device module, and master the judgment and detection methods of various fault phenomena through the actual maintenance work experience. At the same time, maintenance personnel should discuss and communicate more to improve their overall technical level.
Create a device file
From the signing of the purchase contract, the equipment must start to build the equipment file, and the purchase contract, technical data, machine instruction manual, acceptance form and related drawings are included in the file. And in the process of using the equipment, the fault phenomenon, the cause, the elimination method and the hidden troubles found in the normal maintenance process are recorded in the equipment file in detail, so that the status of the equipment will be more comprehensive. The understanding of the cycle is conducive to determining the cycle of failure and the type of occurrence, and preparing spare parts early. A spare parts warehouse should also be established, which should be managed by a special person and added in time to ensure that spare parts for repair can be supplied in time.
Establish equipment maintenance system
The binding equipment should also establish a reasonable equipment maintenance system and a preventive-based equipment management system to keep the equipment in good operating condition.
(1) Establish a equipment management system. Establish a four-level management system of the factory department → equipment department → binding shop → machine class to ensure the effective implementation of various systems and measures.
(2) Formulate equipment maintenance and repair system.
(3) Develop a three-level maintenance system to make it operational.
(4) Strengthen equipment maintenance knowledge and safety production education so that operators can truly understand and be able to achieve “three good” and “four meetings” during specific maintenance.
(5) Formulate equipment safety operation rules, daily cleaning and maintenance rules, lubrication management system, etc., so that cleaning and lubrication work can be fixed, fixed, quantitative, timed, and fixed.
(6) Establish a scientific and reasonable method for assessing the integrity of equipment and link it with rewards and punishments.
(7) Establish a site management team to achieve regular inspection and evaluation of workshop equipment, and be responsible for the implementation of various equipment management systems.
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