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Manual laptop binding machine

Although many companies are now upgrading their machines, the binding machines are basically replaced with automatic binding machines, but many users still use manual binding machines. Users often encounter manual binding machines. Some questions, below Hengbo will give you a brief talk about the use of manual notebook binding machine.
To install the handle first, put the handle prepared in the box into the right side of the notebook binding machine and screw it tightly. Read the instructions carefully before binding, and compare the paper usage.
Adjust the paper scale by adjusting the scale with the adjustment screw (installed behind the notebook binding machine) when adjusting the paper margin. When adjusting, the diameter of the pull ring is large, the margin of the paper is adjusted to be large, the diameter of the pull ring is small, and the margin of the paper is small. You can adjust the appropriate paper margins according to your needs.
After placing the paper, we need to punch the paper, arrange the paper neatly, close to the positioning block, and then feed the paper into the machine in parallel. When the top is in place, press the paper with the left hand, hold the handle with the right hand, and press down to the blade. Penetrate the paper and lift the handle.
Before binding, we also need to put the needle on the machine. First, loosen the fixing screw on the needle holder, remove the needle holder, and hang the hook of the end of the staple into the fixing hole of the staple, keep it vertical, and then buckle. Insert the needle into the position of the rod, and finally tighten the fixing screws on the needle.
After the final step, binding, first press the presser foot wheel clockwise to raise the presser foot, put the binding material under the presser foot, put the paper into place, release the presser foot hand wheel to automatically press, and then press the presser foot After the hand wheel is rotated counterclockwise by about 180°, the needle handle is rotated counterclockwise, and the needle is passed through the material. After the lead arm automatically hangs the thread in the staple hook slot, the handle can be lifted upwards. At the same time that the staple is withdrawn, the binding line will follow the lock, and then the presser hand wheel will be released clockwise. You can complete the one-shot binding and repeat the above procedure.
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