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There are three major factors to be aware of when purchasing a fully automatic binding machine!

The automatic binding machine is a binding device that fixes paper, plastic, leather, etc. with staples or hot melt adhesives, nylon tubes and other materials through mechanical automatic means. However, for some models, thicknesses, etc. of your own products, you need to pay attention to some factors when purchasing a fully automatic binding machine.
There are three main factors to be aware of when purchasing a fully automatic binding machine:
First, the automatic binding machine binding specifications
The fully automatic binding machine binding specification refers to the maximum punching width and punching area, that is, the maximum width between the binding pin holes used in the binding process and the area of ​​one pinhole. To measure this indicator, use mm, and the perforation area is expressed as 3mm*8mm.
Second, the automatic binding machine binding thickness
The binding thickness of the fully automatic binding machine is the thickness of the document that can be bound by the binding machine, generally in millimeters (mm), but some products are measured by the number of sheets (number of sheets). The general binding machine can bind more than 20mm to 50mm, and has special requirements of 70mm, or 400 to 700 pages. Ordinary applications can choose 20mm products. Optional binding thicker products with special needs.
Third, automatic binding machine milling cutter form
The milling cutter form refers to the installation method of the milling cutter inside the fully automatic binding machine, which is generally comb and pull type. However, according to the size of the milling cutter, it can be divided into small milling cutter, large milling cutter, small milling cutter + large milling cutter, sun milling cutter and so on. Among them, the small milling cutter is especially suitable for the office, and the sun milling cutter can realize the binding hard cover luxury text. Small milling cutter + large milling cutter is suitable for design institutes, colleges and universities, copy shops, small and medium-sized printing plants, short-running fast-loading books, tenders and drawing binding. Make sure you distinguish when you buy. Try to buy some guaranteed brands, such as machines produced by manufacturers with 9000 quality certification.
Maintenance and management of printing and binding equipment
In recent years, with the continuous reform and development of the printing industry, the finishing process of post-press processing has gradually formed a mechanized, coordinated, and automated operation process from a backward manual operation process, and the equipment has been continuously updated. However, due to lack of equipment maintenance and repair technology, management is not in place, so that the machine can not operate normally, delays in the delivery period of books or the quality of books and periodicals have occurred.
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