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How to use the fully automatic binding machine

The automatic binding machine is developed on the basis of the automatic binding machine. After years of technical upgrades and structural optimization, the series of binding equipments make the binding operation fully automated, easy to operate, safe, reliable, and economical. It is widely used in the accounting books, documents and materials of banking, industrial and commercial, taxation and other industrial and mining enterprises and institutions. It has been well-formed and has been fully recognized by the market.
1. When the machine is working, it is strictly forbidden to touch the drill with your hand or place your hand under the drill or platen.
2. When loading and unloading the drill, the power switch should be turned off to avoid operator injury.
3. When drilling, the temperature of the drill is very high. Do not touch the surface with your hands to avoid burns. If you need to replace the drill, you must wait for the drill to cool before disassembling.
4. When the drill does not drill through the paper and returns automatically, ask the operator to remove the drill chip, grind the drill or replace the drill.
5. Avoid punching holes in the drilled or stapled position, otherwise it will cause chipping.
6. The spacing of the binding holes should not be too small, otherwise it will affect the hot press forming of the binding tube.
7. After about 50 holes per hole, turn the special rubber pad 60°. After one full rotation, please replace the special rubber pad. It is not possible to use ordinary rubber pad or other substitutes! 8. Pay attention to clean the chip box at the bottom of the machine in time to avoid paper failure caused by paper dust accumulation.
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